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The best technology and the best quality for the best price

We are specialists in design processes and manufacture of machines and equipments for different industries such as agri-food industry, packaging industry, beverage industry, etc, and in those industries where to manipulate boxes and containers, to move full or empty pallets, is required.

FERG@COM provides an extensive experience of more than 25 years in a wide range of manufacturing machines and equipments. That is why we offer you the most adequate solution to each requirement, in a more individual way and very attractively priced.

Our manufacturing range adds versatility, so several qualities are available to customers (painted steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, etc), as well as components brands, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic.

The machine can be automated by FERG@COM, or by the own customer.

We offer

• Turn-key projects.

• Customized studies and projects.

• Management and technical advice.

• Planning and designing equipment and machinery.

• Implementation and completion of manufacturing machine and equipments.

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