CRMC. Motorized Tapered Roller Modular Curve


Tapered roller-driven curved conveyor for packing processes belongs to the support machines group. It can transport boxes, trays, plastic containers, packages…Tapered rollers make a safe and quiet transport of the load, keeping it balanced all time, and so lateral bars are practically dispensable.

Compact, modular design, totally expandable, assembled by screws. Low maintenance costs. Allow quick access to inspection or replacement of rollers.


Standard equipment

• Robust, solid structure assembled by screws and made of galvanized steel in
thicknesses of 3 and 6 mm.

• Thermoplastic supporting feet for attachment, level and height are adjustable.

• D-50 mm metallic roller with a PVC tapered sleeve.

• Step by step roller transmission torque by chain.

• Gear motor of direct transmission and fixed velocity. Installed power: 0.37kw.

• Structural features by load progressing guides, about 50 mm on the roll.


Optional equipment

• Structure finish:
– In pickled steel, painted in RAL colours of your choice.
– In AISI-304-AISI-316 stainless steel.

• Set of brackets for detectors.

• Full automation for integration into an automatic line.


Standard dimensions


Containers and packing