Ferg@com Conveyor

We are an outstanding national company specialized in the design, commercialization and manufacture of modular conveyors and conveyor belts, destined to packaging and manipulation of pallets.

Short Delivery Deadlines

We stand out by our speed in deliveries. The customer will be informed at all times.

We seek for Excellence

Our traceability is marked since we are asked for an offer, going through the design and manufacturing phase, until the delivery of the product.

Quality Certificates

All our products are certified, as evidenced by the manual accompanying our products, which includes a declaration of conformity and CE marking.

We distribute in national and international markets

FERG@COM offers a wide experience of more than 25 years in a wide range of machines and equipments. Therefore, we can offer you the solution that best fits to your needs, in a personalized way, and at very attractive prices.

Request your Budget

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