TCC-3V. 3 Tracks Hinged Chain Modular Conveyor for Handling Pallets


3 tracks hinged chain modular conveyor for handling empty or loaded pallets. Ideal for unstable, heavy loads. Smooth and ongoing load progress on the conveyor. Extensive possibilities of manufacturing in accessories as in qualities.

Compact, modular design, totally expandable, assembled by screws. Low maintenance costs. Allow quick access to inspection or replacement of pieces.


Standard equipment

• Robust, solid structure assembled by screws and made of galvanized steel in
thicknesses of 3 and 6 mm.

• Thermoplastic supporting feet for attachment, level and height are adjustable.

• Steel hinged chain, chain width 190 mm.

• Drive unit of direct transmission and fixed velocity, with unidirectional progress.

• Adjustable pallet guides.


Optional equipment

• Structure finish:
– In pickled steel, painted in RAL colours of your choice.
– In AISI-304-AISI-316 stainless steel.

• Access track between chains.

• Set of brackets for detectors.

• Full automation for integration into an automatic line.


Standard dimensions


Carries pallets