TCH-1V. Hinged Chain Modular Conveyor


Hinged chain-driven modular conveyor, for controlled movement of metallic containers, glass, aluminium, plastic, full or empty. We provide multiple combinations and features, to adapt to the configuration and required working demands by the customer.

Its working configuration can be in one or several tracks, in straight, mixed, curved or inclining section. Likewise, it can carry a collection lower tray, overhead guard to transport open containers if it’s necessary.


Standard equipment

• Modular structure made of AISI-304 stainless steel folded sheet.

• Straight section conveyor.

• Acetalic plastic hinged chain width 82.5mm.

• Return plastic lower rolls for the hinged chain.

• Manual adjustable simple guides for containers.

• Tripod legs and adjustable supporting feet.

• Gear motor with worm gears and torque arm.


Optional equipment

• Structure finish:
– In AISI-316 stainless steel.

• Manual adjustable double guides for containers.

• Curved, inclining section conveyor.

• Tracks number and chain width.

• Stainless steel chain.

• Packing in/out track.

• Containers overhead guard.

• Collection lower tray.

• Electro pneumatic stops, brakes and derailleurs.


Standard dimensions


Containers and packing