TERL-50. Skate Wheel Extendible Modular Conveyor


Gravity skate wheel extendible modular conveyor for handling boxes and trays. Fully configurable, it can be curved, inclined… according to the working needs. Ideal for preparing packing and connecting to a carton sealer.

Standard equipment


• Compact structure with a nice design made of galvanized steel standard tubes,
with screwed connections onto thermo-plastic material with high resistance.

• Galvanized steel progressive springs in 3 mm of thickness.

• All springs pivot points have tie rods.

• Telescopic legs with locking handle.

• Rotating wheels with brake and anti-thread system.

• Thermoplastic skate wheels of 48 mm diameter.


Optional equipment

• Structure finish:
– In pickled steel, painted in RAL colours of your choice.
– In AISI-304-AISI-316 stainless steel.

• Galvanized steel skate wheels.

• Adjustment stop with PVC roller.

• Connection soleplate at the start of the conveyor.


Standard dimensions


Containers and packing